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Social Studies teacher with 2 years experience as a substitute, 1 year as a student teacher, and 6 years of volunteer work in various roles. I specialize in differentiated instruction, data driven curriculum, and authentic assessment. A New York State certified teacher, I graduated from Fordham University with an MST degree and high accolades. Finally, I hold membership with Kappa Delta Pi and NCSS as well. It is my intention to grow student confidence and widen content knowledge for students of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities through modeling literacy comprehension, critical thinking and communication skills. I believe each and every student is a valuable asset to the learning community, capable of achieving academic success. I am able to lead these young people to such success. Please click on the links on the right to learn more. You can also email me at I'd love to hear from you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We've Moved!


As you might've noticed, I haven't written anything here in an eon. Perhaps you have been experiencing sleepless nights in anticipation of my next post. I am sorry about your insomnia, although I would've thought reading the posts would remedy that :) Well, I have hard news to share with you, so you may want to sit down and grab a few tissues. I won't be posting on this page anymore. But before you cry out "Why, Why!!!" in lament, allow me to share some good news.

I have moved into a bigger and better location! So please put down the tissues, and grab a pencil and paper. You can now find me at

This site allows me far more options in designing a page as I wish, in sprucing up its decor, and in spouting off in my usual way. But I spout off with a purpose: to discuss cutting-edge and important issues in education and education reform. So, grab a tasty beverage, listen to your favorite tunes, and come visit my new home. I have plenty of reading material to keep your attention, and links to market myself (shameless plugs of my skills for you administrators that need a good teacher for your school).

See you there!